Sin has became every day doing,
As if there’s no one watching,
Illegal acts everyone engaged in,
No hand is believe to be clean,
Richest fellow care not for their kin.

Our sins are enough to sink our boat,
Stains of blood in every white cloth,
Like a mad we wear tore cloth,
Ladies everywhere wearing naked cloth,
And we speak ills of the Gospels.

Youth can’t do away with adultery,
Security can’t do away with bribery,
Wealth hunger can’t do away with robbery,
Adult and children looking for lottery,
A world full of misery.

Our leaders are full of looters,
In town, guys are full of rappers,
Law makers are as well the law breaker,
And everyone look like a slayer.

I would have hope to be a blind,
But there are words full of sin;
I would have hope to be a deaf,
But there are actions full of sin;
How can we do without sin?
We are living a world full of sin.

@ I am Soliu Abdulsomad Adebite Olota