[٧/‏٧ ١٢:٥٩ ص] Alfuad Folami Adewale: Alhamdulillah I present to you a great novel from #MinaretSeries #fiction_in_reality. This is just the prologue to the story, expect the update of the story later.

Abu Ja’far Al ‘Asqalaaniy.

The wind is blowing furiously, falling every standing object, strongly rooted trees are dancing wildly, while the weakly rooted ones are falling freely. The rain starts drizzling notifying all of a possible heavy downpour. The abled ones start running helter-skelter, the handicapped are trying their best also, all looking for shelter till the rain subsides. The little kids are happy, seeing another rainy season emerging. Their facial expressions can explain that.
Looking through the louvers, Abdullah exclaims “Dear, you can’t leave here this night.”
“Why?!” She asks changing her sitting posture.
“The rain is drizzling already.” He explains.
“No! I just have to go.” She says in a louder, voice.
“Not in this rain, it’s going to be heavy, and we are already in the night.” He retorts while taking his seat opposite her.
“This is just few minutes past eight, more so the rain is still drizzling, let me get going quickly.” She says hesitatingly.
“You can only understand if you are outside there, the rain will be heavy, the thick cloud and the strong wind that followed, suggest that.” He says pesteringly.
“Why not let me leave before the rain turns heavy?”
“Because there may be no place to hide when the rain turns heavy.”
“But I did leave, even in the rain than passing the night over here.”
“I said you aren’t leaving tonight! Get that right.” He shouts.
“Subhaanallah! Is that why you shouted at me?” She inquires rhetorically as she picks her bag to take her leave.
“No dear, I’m sorry, I only meant well for you.”. He says nearing her.
“Please, don’t near me, so, what do I do now?”. She asks angrilly, moving back from him.
“I said I’m sorry, but don’t leave, please.” He says apologetically.
“Ok, I’ve heard you, but where do I stay over night?, I can’t sleep here in the, same building with y ou, you know that.” She reluctantly says, while sitting back.
“Saalihah, don’t panic, in shaa Allah, I will sleep with my neighbour in the next flat, he is also a bachelor.” He assures her.
* * * * * *
“Abdullah, please stop! ”
“Please allow me, let’s do it, I can’t endure it anymore.”
“No, please endure, it will finally be yours.”
Drawing her nearer, he says, “I can’t hold it further.”
Trying to push him away, she retorts, “At least exercise some patience, it’s just a month ahead.”
Pesteringly, he pulls himself towards her, “A whole month, even this one night is too long, please Habeebatiy.”
Submissively, she holds his head, “I too can’t control my urge any longer.”
* * * * * *
“Subhaanallah! Astagfirullah! What have I got myself I into.” She sobs.
Regretting the shameful act she got herself into, she says in soliloquy, “After all the, patience, I can’t believe myself falling into this, Haa! All I pray is this not turning to pregnancy.”
Rising from the praying mat, she exclaims, “Hmmm… A NIGHT ENJOYMENT…
©Alfuad bn Nasrullah Folami.
[١٨/‏٧ ٩:٢٦ ص] Alfuad Folami Adewale: A NIGHT ENJOYMENT…

Abu Ja’far Al ‘Asqalaaniy.

“Ummiy! Ummiy!! Ummiy!!!” Shouts out Saalihah.
“Who is that?” Mr Lawal,the teacher in charge of the students’ welfare during the excursion asks angrily.
“it’s Saalihah.” The students reply almost in unison.
Looking back from the front seat, he inquires “Adebayo, what is the matter?” He snaps calling her with her surname.
“I’m sorry sir, I only saw someone that is familiar.”
“Ok, but don’t repeat that.”
The junior students of As Sunnah College are on excursion to the zoological garden of University of Ibadan.
As Sunnah College is a school famous for its firm adherence to sound Islamic teachings. Parents that want their wards to live to the tenets of Islam cherish the school and are ever ready to pay whatever price to get their children registered in the school.
the school was established in 2002 in Akorede village, Ifelodun, Ogun state. Though it was a village but it’s now transforming to a town. It was a village full of idolators, very difficult for a religious preacher to live in. But since the founding of the school, the village not only accommodate religious people now but many of the indigenes are now upright Muslims.
Thanks to Allah then the group behind the foundation of the school, Ahlus Sunnah Movement. With the pure Islamic teachings and excellent Da’wah (calling) methodology, they are able to change the villagers striving to become sound Muslims.
The school runs day and boarding services, They even run evening and weekend classes for willing students and outsiders (as they are called) that may not afford the school fees.
As the bus conveying the students the the zoo moves fast and steadily, Mr Lawal orders the students to recite some beautiful Islamic poems, preventing them from the evil of idleness.
While rhythming the poems, Mr Lawal explains any new thing or landmark he notices by the road.
While all these is going on, Saalihah is lost in a, deep thinking as soon as she has seen someone that resembles her dead mother very closely.
As she soliloquies “could that be my mother, or she only resembles her but I was told she’s dead, do the dead ones rise back.”
The teacher announces as he saw the sanctuary of Guru-Maraji “My dear brothers and sisters, we are now entering Ibadan land, the capital of Oyo state. A city better than hundreds of cities put together.”
“Sir, what are all these decorations by the right side for?”asks Abdus Salaam Adedokun noticingly.
“Haa that is the sanctuary of the u-Maraji.” Mr Lawal responds.
“Who is Guru-Maraji?” Saalihah asks joining the discussion.
“He is a Christian, though he claims being a Muslim at the same time, he’s a self acclaimed prophet, and you know obviously that prophet Muhammad sala llah ‘alayhi wa sallam is the last messenger and prophet, no prophet will raised after him.
Guru Maraji has a large population of followers and you know that is not a, criterion of authenticity of a religion. He is very funny, I said funny because to me his message is full of jokes and no sensible mesaage emanates from him. My dears, he’s upon falsehood, we can only pray that Allah Ta’ala guides him right.” Mr Lawal lectures.
“Hmmm… May Allah Ta’ala guide him right to Islam.” Prays Ibraheem Nasrullah.
Me Lawal is the Mathematics teacher of the junior secondary students. Truly, he studied mathematics at Obafemi Awolowo University, but he is well-versed about his deen (religion).
Shortly afterwards the bus arrives the main gate of University of Ibadan, the security men show the driver the direction to the zoological garden.
Looking at his wristwatch, Mr Lawal announces that it’s Dhuhr (noon prayer) already, so they decide to pray at the Central Masjid of the University, before heading to the zoological garden.
Fortunately, the masjid holds its Salaah (prayer) at this same time. After Salaah , Mr Lawal seeks the students’ opinion “should we take our lunch now go into the, zoo and return for lunch afterwards?”.
The already anxious students all agree to return for lunch after visiting the zoo.
“Maintain orderliness, enter the bus and return to your previous seats.” Their teacher orders.
The girls enter first since they sit at the back while the boys follow sitting in the front of them, thereby preventing free-mixing.
Even the school authority would have preferred both sexes sitting in different buses if more students have paid,but only one luxury bus was hired.
Arriving at the garden,the students are ordered to queue in pairs. The teacher goes to the receptionist to negotiate and pay the gate fee and returns with one coin for each student to throw into a particular hole,which opens the automatic door for the student to enter the garden.
Mr Lawal gathers the students together to give them some instructions and reminders, before handing them over to the zoo attendants.
“My dear students, I will like to remind you that obedience and orderliness are attributes of a Muslim, therefore be good ambassadors of Islam as the zoo attendants convey you round the garden. Abide by the rules given to you and don’t try to snap any picture, be it that of human being or animals, you are only allowed to snap pictures of non-livings objects including plants (because they are non-living islamically).
Remember that the messenger of Allah sala llah alayhi wa salaam has forbidden us from picture making, including photography.
The students are divided into three groups, with a zoo attendant in charge of each group. Saalihah and Habeebah Adejumo meet in the same group and that is a relief to Saalihah.
Habeebah is the intimate friend of Saalihah, they have been friends since JSS one. Just like Saalihah, Habeebah is very brilliant, the two compete in the class always, though the school doesn’t show positions in the students’ report cards, their percentages are always close to each other.
Starting from the zoo’s museum, the zoo attendant shows the students some animals that are dead but embalmed instead of being buried. This is commonly due to unavailability of another animal of that specie, or because the animal has a special feature to be noted.
Though Saalihah isn’t concentrating, the mention of the Gorilla Haruna catches are attention.
The students move to the bird’s section and from one section to another. Among the interesting moments are at the reptiles section, and at the lions’ den, the roaring can’t be ignored.
While all these is going on, Habeebah is noticing the unpleasant mood Saalihah is, but doesn’t want to raise a discussion, so as to listen to the attendant.
At the Central Masjid where the students converge to take their lunch, Habeebah sits beside her friend as usual to take the meal of Raspberry sponge sandwich and homemade apple juice. The meal was, prepared by the school’s Home-Economics Department.
“Saalihah, are you still thinking about the woman you saw?” Habeebah breaks the, silence as they wait for their own meal.
“You mean my mum?” Saalihah corrects.
“Okay, your mum.”
“Yes she is my mum, I’m sure of that, I’ve her picture with me and my eyes can’t deceive me.” She says thoughtfully.
Taking her meal and that of Saalihah from the food prefect of the junior school, she remarks “But you told me your mother is dead, I think she only resembles her.” Habeebah hands the meal over to her.
“Okay, I will drop this thought, ‘cos I’ve been Moody since I saw her, people sometimes resemble others closely even beyond differences.” She reminds.
“The meal is delicious; kudos to the Home-Economics students, I always admire your cookies.” She praises.
“It’s not ordinary now, we are expert chefs presenting the best tastes to the school.” Habeebah, a member of the Home-Economics Department boasts.
After meal, the students observe the ‘Asr Salaah and head hurriedly to the bus, the teacher reminds them that time, has been far spent and they need to return to the school before nightfall.
“Bismillah, Alhamdulillah Subhaanal ladhiy sakhkhara lanaa haadha Wa maa kunna a, lahu muqrineen, Wa inna ilaa Rabbinaa lamunqalibuun.” Mr, Lawal invokes while the, students repeat after him just as the bus zooms off.
The Junior school head boy, Abdur Rahmon Saalih reminds the teacher of the next invocation, repeating ‘Alhamdulillah’ thrice and ‘Allahu Akbar’ thrice, followed by “subhaanaka Allahumma innee dhallamtu nafsiy fag-fir Lee, fa innahu laa yagfirudh dhunuuba Illaa ant.”
“Where did you see that?” Challenges his deputy ‘Isa Shith.
“Check CITADEL OF THE BELIEVER under the invocation for riding in a vehicle or on an animal.” Replies ‘Abdul Rahmon gently.
The rest of the journey is, peaceful and interesting. The bus reaches the school by 8:15pm. The day students will sleep with their boarding mates in the school dormitory. Their parents have been notified already.
The tired students go to bed almost immediately after their dinner, but Saalihah can’t sleep. “The woman may be my mum.” She thinks.
Is she really her mum?
© Alfuad Folami Adewale.

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