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Be better!

I may not be exactly correct with this my observation therefore I will welcome corrections or additions.
Muslims are of three groups and they may be found in every community even in Madaaris.

Docile Muslims; This first group of Muslims are not ready to inquire about anything in their religion. They believe Islam shouldn’t be taken as a way of life rather for religious purposes only.
They restrict their worship to only what is common among the Muslims and that which will be too bad of them not to partake in, though they may drop it at their will even if it is compulsory.
The best of this group are those who pray their five obligatory Salaats, fast Ramadan and make Hajj when interested. After these they aren’t ready to hear anything about Islam.
The worst of them are those who see pride only in bearing Muslim names.

‘Moderate’ Muslims; They call themselves moderate though they aren’t. This group of Muslims are ready to know about some aspects of the deen but will only follow what their heart pleases.
They are the types who will ask more than ten scholars the same question, expecting a answer that suits their heart.
They are those who remain on sins and publicly display their involvement in it even after knowing it being haraam.
They are those who take opportunity in scholars’ disagreements to follow what their hearts yearn for in every matter.
They are those who believe every speech of their associates repelling their sinful acts is targeted at them.
They are those who prefer to stick to their beloved scholars’ sayings even if they contradict clear and unambiguous evidences in sunnah.
Some of them even claim to follow sunnah but indeed they follow their whims.

Conscious Muslims; These are the real Moderate Muslims.
They are ready to know what their Lord and His prophet want in every issue.
They are ready to follow every action and commandment of their beloved prophet.
They follow what they found to be most correct according to evidences from Qur’an and Sunnah even if it opposes their most beloved Shaykh.
They aren’t prophets nor angels so they sin but hate it,keep it private and hasten to repentance.
They warn others from evil not to chastise, relegate, expose, or target their brothers but to be on the same path of Jannah and invite others to good so they could also be brothers in Jannah.
They try their best to abstain from every type of innovation no matter how it may be confused for sunnah.
Some of them may be extreme but the sincere ones will return to moderate Islam as soon as it’s clear to them.
The Docile ones need to return to their Lord, repent for their negligence and turn better Muslims.
The so called moderates should become moderate and shun their act of favouring personalities over Islam.
Kudos to the moderate Muslims who will always be worried about the sincerity of their deeds. Remember Shaytan is working tirelessly to make your deeds null and void so continue fighting him till the assurance comes.
May Allah Ta’ala make me and my readers among the moderate Muslims.

Alfu’ãd Folami Adewale.