The Presidential campaign team of the Governor of Gombe State, Ibrahim Dankwambo has said that the dream of an Igbo man becoming the President of Nigeria remains on course.

According to the campaign team, what was paramount in Nigeria of today was bringing good governance on board, rather than emphasis on sectional or ethnic cleavages.

The campaign team made the disclosure when it inaugurated the Enugu State chapter of the Dankwambo Presidential Project in Enugu.

They said that the selling points of Dankwambo as candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, were his transformation feats in the state, raising the desert state to a city state.

National coordinator of the group, Deacon Zach Okoronkwo told reporters, “We are not postponing the Igbo presidency, what we are saying is that right now, there is failure in governance. We need a real alternative and we have found one.

“It’s not about Igbo presidency. After Dankwambo’s four years, we go back to the poll. Nobody should cajol us on the ground of Igbo presidency. What we are focusing on now is good governance.”

Also speaking, the Enugu State coordinator of the group, Chief Okechukwu Ogbonna said “Dankwambo’s presidency will not postpone the Igbo from becoming president of Nigeria.

“The Igbo will become president of Nigeria when it is ripe and when God wants it. Nobody will say it’s now your turn, it is not the Igbo extraction that is the issue, it is the individual.”