On this fateful Saturday morning (around 1 . 0:30am)…

I was on my way to one of my secondary school friend’s house, Sultan. He was such a ras guy but he still remains one of my besties sha.
On that day. I’ve exhausted all my money that I don’t even have a penny for transportation. So I have to trek all the way down. And I’ll just avoid the long routes and take shortcuts. Being a son of the soil. I knew almost every corner in the area.
So I left my home that morning, with my earpiece plugged to my ear listening to my favorite mixtape(best of Fela Kuti), swagging on as a Niger guy wey Sabi.
I’ve almost trekked half of the way, When a Car parked beside me. Mehn seeing this car I really love it cause it was one of my dream cars. Guess the name, it was a black 4matic Mercedes-Benz. Wow. I love this car like…

I’m still day dreaming about this car when two men that looked like bouncers alight and told me to go in.
At first I was thinking they were SARS officers cause they were dressed in black, so to avoid being beaten I decided to obey them. While I’m about to enter the car. I noticed a Black calabash containing blood in it.
As an ijebu boy wey Sabi my brain rebooted to factory reset
Immediately I don’t know when my legs took off. I’m about to Japa (pardon me) when one of those guys held me by the collar,
In self defense I swing my hand and hit him on his face. Mehn I felt like Jackie Chan, at least all those self defense tips no waste.
The guy fell on his face and I took to my heels immediately.
They came after me. With all the corner that i thought I known, I think they even knows better cause they keep following my steps lemme say these people are using Juju to track me.
Surprisingly I met no one on the way who can rescue me. It was like running in a jungle or a desert.
After running for like 20mins I finally met an herbalist and I guess he lived where I met him cause he look like a resident of the place.
I was thinking I’ve met my Savior. I quickly ran to him and told him I’m being chased by unknown guys. He told me to go into his house and enter his room, I’m so glad that God finally sent someone to me. Not knowing he was devil sent.
Immediately I entered his room, I just fell on my knees thanking God for sending the man to me, with my head in my palm Not knowing a surprise awaits me.
When I lift my head up, it was like a dream, guess what I saw! . I saw the men that were chasing Me earlier… Immediately I felt like evaporating one of them came to me and hit me with a ring then suddenly i became unconscious……..

The next scene was a very scary one. I regain consciousness after some hours, I’ve been chained already. What I’m seeing at sight was very awful, I heard people wailing , alot of human skull around, blood and human parts everywhere.
I was still looking at these things wondering what part of the country we are, when a man came to me, I quickly recollected his face,, he was the guy I punched on the heart started pounding, he slapped me and said “How dare you punch me? You dey form Mayweather Abi? Oya form am now” I feel like jumping at him but I’m tied up already, there is nothing I can do than to pray inward and look on.

They were very heartless. They killed 3 people in my presence there,, one old Man, a woman and a little boy
And it finally gets to my turn to be killed. As the guy took me away. I was praying for forgiveness from all my sins.
They tied me to a tree and as they were about to kill me. I suddenly shouted the words I want to say last before my death “Laillah Illallahu” and I heard a voice which I recognized to be my mum’s.
“Yomi won’t you get up and pray now it’s already past six”
Thank God it’s all a dream…………

………..THE END………

Thanks for reading…..

©Yomex Nooni (08133010948)

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