_Nothing is impossible in politics as the word itself says *i’m possible*_.

In the wake of the political relegation suffered by the incumbent Governor of the Economic Hub of Nigeria, Lagos, a lot could be learnt from this uncommon turnout of event.

It is uncommon because it rarely occurs in the Nigerian political atmosphere that a Governor who has only spend a term of 4 years in office loses the primary election of his party in an attempt to be fielded by the party for a second term.

Although there were offers from the Quarters of one of the Opposition party in Lagos for Ambode to be the party’s flagbearer in the 2019 Governorship election in Lagos. However, Ambode was wise enough to realize that only two parties exist in Lagos. *APC and Others (PDP inclusive)* even though to my mind, his political wisdom is still at the kindergarten stage.

In as much as the Politics of Godfatherism isn’t healthy for all, any candidate seeking the support of his party must also seek the blessings of the *Godfathers*, let alone a state which has only One Godfather in person of *Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Jagaban Borgu and The lion of bourdilon)*.

Maybe Ambode should have learnt from the feat achieved at the Just concluded Osun Election. Even after Boasting of his political sagacity before a respected *King* which led to a lot of ‘brouhaha’ that didn’t affect his victory.

*Ambode should Learn the following:*

1- _Never Outshine Your Masters_ (Robert Greene) : even as there are no tenable reasons to the general public for the sudden hatred of the Golden Son ‘Ambode’, the party members who ensured the emergence of the young Chartered Accountant were said to have been sidelined by the Governor. We need not argue the truth of this but the anointing of another Candidate in place of Ambode shows that someone *_Sanwo Olu_* (paid the dues) and someone says *_Ambo_* (We are Coming). We can’t wait for too Long.

2- _Democracy is the Government of the People, by the People and for the People_ (Abraham Lincoln).
Yes, the Civil servant enjoyed your administration most especially the fact that their Salaries were timely and duely paid. But sir, maybe i should tell you that while they are busy at work and as their population isn’t as much as the other Lagosians (Artisans,Craftsmen and Traders), you should have strived in winning the heart of the ‘ *People*’.
This people rarely pay attention to your infrastructures but the tune of the music as dictated by the *Piper* is all to win their heart. You shouldn’t have lost the support of *K1* nor that of *Jagaban* and not even the *Leaders of various batallions*.!!

3- _Elections are won at the Grassroots_. In case you don’t know, you are just an individual who reside at the Government house and you only work directly with at most 1% Lagosians. Even if the Chairmen and Members of the House reside outside their Locality, they are never far from their *Alfas* and *Pastors* neither do they joke with meetings with the *Iyalojas* and the *Omo_ijobas* are always paid their dues.
I was marveled when *36* out of the *40* House members and all *57* LCDA chairmen threw their weight behind *Sanwoolu*. Maybe Sen. Lambo of the Unilorin Faculty of Law Senatorial District was true when he told me that Your case was different from that of *Fashola’s* challenge during his bid to return in 2011. On getting to Lagos on Friday28/09/218, i retracted my contrary view and on d day i was to return back to Ilorin which Coincided with the Arrival of the *Leader*; Saraki who came all d way from Abuja to see to a fairly conducted PDP primaries in Kwara State, i concluded on your political Relegation as the world press conference you addressed was just to announce your departure of the Lagos State Governorship Seat.

There are more lessons i have learnt but they should be better concealed and effectively utilized in my Mission to *Reinvigorate* come 2019.

✍🏾 *Haroon Abdullahi ‘Akewshola’* writes from the Faculty of Law, Unilorin.
He can be reached on:
📞+234 8172523485