*Don’t get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life*


So I finally came to realize what most parents nurturing their children failed to do. Some believe nurturing a child is all about having money, while some believe it’s about being famous and well connected while some believe in security generally (food, security, clothing and so on).


The truth is they all go hand-in-hand but most parent while parenting fail to realize and tend to focus and lean towards one side. The main point is most parents believe that keeping up with their children’s financial needs is all it takes but I’m gonna say it’s just part of all it takes and not all.


Most parents nurture the child for a while and as a hustler, they start to believe the demands of the child is getting high when all they need is to keep up with the pressing needs of the child and teach the child to be contented along the line (scale of preference). But, this doesn’t mean making the child suffer and depriving him/her the basic needs.


They increase the hustle and along the line forget the main reason they’re doing this (the children). The more they hustle, the less time they have for the child and as a result of that “they’ll want to try to kill two birds with a stone”. Some might be lucky to get one while some might end up having none. The first “bird” is the money/wealth while the second is the “well brought up child”. Most parents say “I’m working because of my children” forgetting it’s not only money and material things that’s needed by the children to live a fulfilled life.


This is the logic;

The parents work hard hoping to please the child, along the line, the child doesn’t have a parent around to teach him/her what’s right or wrong plus there’s no parent to show love to, in the process the child gets used to not having his/her parent around, so therefore he/she mingles with anyone around, the parent that are suppose to serve as a filter to sieve out the bad from what the child acquires are not there.


As they’re working, the child’s growing up, while they’re growing older hoping to settle down to what they used their money for while they were still agile but unfortunately majority end up losing the two, the money they worked for is no longer there and the “kind” of child they expected so-to-say isn’t what they got at the end of their service. The love of the child may not be as strong as they wanted it, the child may not be morally upright as they wanted, the child might fail to meet up in all spheres of life as they expected (unless exceptional cases with the grace of God) and by that time their hustling spirit is gone.


Now that it has dawn on them, all is gone, and they’ve also ended up teaching same lessons indirectly to the children. Depression sets in, they feel their whole life has been wasted all this while, they start to die everyday and later end up In the grave they dug for themselves. The case isn’t like that everywhere though.


-Kudos to those parents that still do checks and balances.

-Those that have failed it’s never too late.

-And those that haven’t started, never choose the wrong path.

-Set aside time for work and in between set aside time to check for what’s wrong in your home that you work for to keep up with the needs and balance what’s lagging.

*-Sure, it’s possible to kill two birds with a stone but not everyone is capable.*


“Parents shouldn’t get so busy making a living while they forget to make a life”




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