Ahmad Adebowale


The decision of the good people of the state of osun should not be violated or toyed with. The masses are the key determinant of who they want in power. The Governors are just the servant, the masses reserve the right to change the Barton of leadership at any point in time.


When has having a decision to change the leadership in this country being a crime? Yet we insist to be in a Democratic era in the comity of nations.


In 2015, the Nigerians voted en masses for the incumbent president of this country, then we clamoured for change and to everyone’s great dismay the then president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, conceded defeat and left the without legal interference to the outcome of the election in 2015. I respect GEJ for such a great move, Our governors need to learn from this.


Should there be any problems, if masses decided to change the Barton of leadership in their respective state too? INEC, and the ruling party in the state must not violate the rule of law and the right of the people in the state of osun. If all is well there shouldn’t be any form of dilly-dally in the cause electing the servant we want in power. And it must not be a do or die affairs if truly those politicians have people’s interest in their heart.


It’s obvious that the love of the people are with the opposition party and the masses are fed up of the incumbent administration who cannot change the status quo, who owed about 34 month salaries of the civil servant and have not been up to task in providing the monthly subventions to her acclaimed University, LaUTecH.


To this end, I urged the lover of good governance who have been watching the election held on Saturday closely, the observers from the international bodies to stand firm for justice and help the relegating sisters state.


Ahmad Adebowale loves writing. He’s an advocate for good governance, public affairs analyst. sirahm